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Enabling Your Business To Be Seen

Iā€™m Bronwyn Sheehan, and as we adjust to the new normal way of doing business, the story we tell our clients about ourselves is more important than ever before.

Do you know where you are headed, who your clients are, and where you can find them?  I’m a small business specialist, the person behind the small business person with experience in:

creative marketing - events - web content - business reviews - social media 

Break the cycle of spending your time on administrative tasks and focus on your core purpose, improving your service or product.
Planning and systems are my speciality. I will map you a clear path to a smoother running business, with more time to do the stuff you love.
Peel away what isn't working - and let's focus on what matters to you most.

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How I help your business

Business Support

Bespoke, flexible solutions for your business needs, from one-off event assistance to reviewing your systems, sales and marketing.  

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Social Media

Are you the best at what you do, but not at telling people about it? Freshen up your feed with engaging content and appealing images.

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Put yourself out there. You know how speed dating works – I take that platform and use it to make connections for your business.


Bronwyn Sheehan

what I do
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My expertise

• Creative marketing input 

• High Quality web images

• Organising Business Events 

• Web content guidance 

• Targeted Business Reviews 

• Promoting your business

Showing Up in Business

Here's what some of my clients say

Bronwyn Sheehan - Business Mentor

I highly recommend Bronwyn to help you in your business; she is very efficient, professional, has great tips for marketing and works extremely hard to help you get results you’re wanting. 
There is so much work to do running a small business, especially when working in the business as well. I needed more structure and information on processes for my staff, business advice and planning.
As Bronwyn has had experience in salons, and business ownership, I enlisted her help.
She provided great written information print format ready, on everything from sparkling attitudes, how to carry out our systems, for services, and sales procedures.
Next thing on my list will be web support and update!

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Andrea Hill, Business Owner, Christchurch
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