Growing your Tribe

Growing your tribe

The service industry is not complete without growing your tribe of loyal followers who happily chat to their tribe; building more business!!

How exciting it is when you can share your expertise with new clients who engage your services.

With that in mind let’s chat growing a tribe of loyal followers.

When growing your tribe loyal followers ask for feedback from a new client, follow up personally with a call and ask them if they are happy to do a quick survey to understand how they felt about your service. 

Points to consider adding are:

  • Were they happy with what you provided?
  • Was there anything that could be improved?
  • And don’t be shy to ask for a testimonial or review!

Handy Tip: They’re paying for your time and service; one of the best tools to use is customer feedback to gauge if you are on the mark or needing some evaluation.

Keeping your tribe of loyal followers

Once you have a client, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have them forever.
If your service slips and misses the mark, you will have an unsatisfied client. Making it vital for you to always stay professional and don’t take shortcuts because you think you can get away with it or your clients won’t realise.
Trust me they do!

Handy Tip: Schedule time aside to research new and exciting ways to connect with your tribe and exceed their expectations.

Complacency is the biggest reason why loyal established clients walk out the door and don’t return. They need and deserve to know they’re still number one and you can still come up with exciting ways to meet their requirements.

Handy Tip: Often it is the small things that we do or say that can make the most significant difference to long-standing clients in the service industry. Excite, entice and value your loyal client base as they are like gold.


Dealing with complaints and coming across disgruntled clients from time to time generally comes with the territory when offering a service.

Handy Tip: Deal with the complaint as soon as it comes to your attention.

Always listen to acknowledge you’re hearing what the client is saying.

Handy Tip: When taking action, be polite and by communicating that you are working on a suitable solution; you are showing that you are actively taking steps to rectify it.

If you master the art of dealing with complaints, you can turn a negative situation into a positive one to ensure a happy outcome. 

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. If there is anything else you feel is stopping you from running a successful business, feel free to send me a message or pop something in the comments.

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