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supercharge your social media with a review and revamp bronwyn sheehan in Christchurch, New Zealand


I get it;  love or loathe social media, it’s an essential part of your business and this is especially true for small businesses. 

If you answer yes to any of the following, it’s time for a reset.  

  • Are you struggling for new concepts or ideas?
  • Are your posts, paid or otherwise, failing to get engagement?
  • Is it all too hard or overwhelming?
  • Are you too busy in your business to plan a strategy, much less post?
  • Are you unsure of the difference between posting and paid advertising, or how to even go about it?

You need to get on track, and fast. Together we can customise your social media to find and fit your audience.  If you’re a technophobe, or just plain busy, I can manage pages after setup, including planned posts and fresh ideas to get your business seen.

A simple social media review can identify what you’re doing right, and what you could be doing better, and get you on track with ideas for the future. Or if you need a more hands-on approach, I can create content concepts and high-quality images to add some zing to your social media profile, as well as manage your pages after setup.  There’s a package to suit all businesses and budgets.

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